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A preliminary study on the current network vulnerability scanning product market

in recent years, with the continuous development of hacker technology and the surge of illegal network intrusion events, the domestic network security product market has also shown a good development trend. The firewall market has reached a fairly good scale. Although intrusion detection products are not fully mature in technology, under the protection of relevant national policies, Many domestic manufacturers also have a vast sky in front of them. In recent years, the emergence of network vulnerability scanning products has provided a higher-level stage for network security product manufacturers to show their technical level. Many heavyweight IT manufacturers with firewalls or intrusion detection products have entered this market one after another. I believe that they will gradually change the original appearance of few brands and lax competition in this market, and the new market competition will gradually focus on technology The expansion of services and channels should be good news for users who need cheaper and more sophisticated products. Then whether the products, technologies and markets of vulnerability scanning will develop as expected? It is not difficult to see some clues from the following clues

limited market capacity, manufacturers have their own ways

according to the estimation of relevant experts in the industry, although the market capacity of domestic vulnerability scanning products can not be compared with the two giants of firewall and anti-virus, it has also reached about half of the total market volume of intrusion detection products. There is no doubt about the bright prospect of the market. The range of 10kN is clearly marked in the relevant standards of the compromise experiment. However, in terms of the total amount of the current network security market, it is still a small market. Therefore, although there have been news that well-known manufacturers have been involved in the vulnerability scanning market since this year, whether they have invested considerable manpower in the drop hammer impact experiment of relevant experimental materials is still a question mark. A circumstantial evidence is that many new brands still adopt the form of OEM, and what they have invested is only marketing strength. For vulnerability scanning products that are essentially software, they are obtained by OEM. It can be seen that these manufacturers' actions are not great, and they will not promote the relevant technology much. The manufacturers who really master the core technology are still those who have long paid attention to network security technology, and the market brand pattern has not changed much compared with before

it can also be seen that although many brand-new vulnerability scanning brands have emerged recently, the competition will take place to a large extent at the marketing level, not in the technical field. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of rongji'an put forward his own views. As insiders know, Fujian Rongji is a manufacturer that has long focused on network security technology. It is unique in the field of vulnerability scanning technology. In terms of scanning speed and updating speed of vulnerability database, Rongji has always been in a leading position in the domestic market. The person in charge of rongji'an said that in order to occupy the market more quickly, it is not surprising that many manufacturers adopt OEM to obtain products. Rongji has always been a technology-based enterprise. For future market competition, it will also focus on continuously improving technology. It is believed that several manufacturers will also continue to improve scanning technology and launch products with stronger functions, so the technical competition in the field of vulnerability scanning will continue to heat up in the future, What Rongji needs to do is to maintain the leading position of key technologies

it is certain that the vulnerability scanning manufacturers based on technology will strengthen the improvement of technology in the future, and many manufacturers entering the market through OEM will temporarily focus on channel expansion and industry relations, and then determine the investment in the technology field according to the progress of the market. These two types of manufacturers continue to blend with each other, and there is also the possibility of continuous differentiation, It is still difficult to determine the future development trend

the market pattern has yet to be formed

like every market in the early stage of growth, the domestic vulnerability scanning market is limited in scale, and the investment of large international manufacturers is not large, and the product price is high, so it is difficult to form an obvious market advantage. Considering the special importance of network security technology for the government, military, public security, confidentiality and other fields, domestic brand products are taken care of to a certain extent, so domestic manufacturers are currently active in the market. Famous enterprises such as ChinaSoft and founder have occupied a considerable market share by relying on their long-term accumulated brand and customer advantages. Some manufacturers focusing on the field of network security technology, such as Rongji and Qiming Xingchen, have been recognized by users in most industries because of their inherent advantages in technology, and have become the leading enterprises of technology in the market

however, with the continuous growth of market capacity and the intensification of competition, the trend of technology rising and price falling will become more and more obvious. Enterprises with insufficient comprehensive advantages in technology, brand and channel sales will be gradually eliminated, and the market pattern will gradually show a certain outline, which should be three or four years later. Although it is too early to predict the rise and fall of a brand, we can still see its future development trend from the characteristics of some enterprises, especially those manufacturers who master core technology and are in a leading position, even if they cannot become the most famous brand, they will be in a good living condition

for users, the key of vulnerability scanning technology is only two aspects, one is the update speed of vulnerability database, and the other is the scanning speed. The former directly determines the number of hidden dangers that can be detected, while the latter is an important indicator of product performance. At present, most of the scanning products on the market can update the vulnerability database once a month, and Rongji vulnerability scanning products can update the vulnerability database once a week, which is very leading in the domestic market. The number of vulnerabilities in its vulnerability database has also reached 1700, which is also the highest number published by manufacturers at present. In terms of scanning speed, it only takes 1.5 minutes for Rongji vulnerability scanning products to scan an IP, which is a speed that users are very satisfied with, and it is also a speed that many brand scanning products are difficult to achieve

when talking about these advantages, the technical director of Rongji said that in fact, there is nothing worth showing off. Rongji really pays more attention to vulnerability scanning products than other manufacturers, has invested more human and material resources in searching network security vulnerabilities, and has been persistent for many years, so it is ahead of its competitors in vulnerability collection; As for the scanning speed, Rongji's products take the lead in adopting knowledge dependent technology, which can make the previous scanning results provide reference for the later and correct the subsequent scanning process at any time, so unnecessary scanning tasks are greatly reduced and the scanning efficiency is greatly improved

it should be pointed out that in the domestic market, there are only a few manufacturers focusing on vulnerability scanning technology, such as Rongji. These manufacturers with outstanding technology can win a lot of living space by providing OEM products to well-known brands. If they can strengthen their efforts at the marketing level, they will become the most promising vulnerability scanning manufacturers, and will undoubtedly be able to occupy a place and grow in the highly competitive market in the future

service competition is the trend

at present, the service level provided by vulnerability scanning manufacturers varies greatly, such as the update of vulnerability database. Some manufacturers' services are almost free, while others are far higher than the price of the product itself, and even offer sky high prices, which also shows that the competition in the vulnerability scanning market is still very insufficient. We can compare the development process of the domestic anti-virus software market and the management software market, which have reached the stage of fierce competition. In these two areas, services quickly tend to be low-cost. For enterprise software, when the user base reaches a considerable scale, the low-cost service system is gradually unsustainable, the trend of service industrialization begins to appear, and some professional service enterprises are gradually on the stage, However, this situation should be a distant thing for the vulnerability scanning product market

in the future network vulnerability scanning market, competition will gradually spread from simple technology and channel fields to service fields, and cheaper, more convenient and more effective services will become a weight for manufacturers to compete for users. For users who have purchased vulnerability scanning software, the services they need are consultation at any time and efficient product upgrading. Rongji has a perfect system guarantee in these aspects. According to the person in charge of Rongji's after-sales service department, Rongji has established a free 800 consultation, with 24-hour technical support from specialized technicians; For the vulnerability database upgrade that users are very concerned about, Rongji is not only the only manufacturer in China that can realize weekly upgrade, but also provides users with a variety of upgrade methods. In addition to network upgrade, it can send CDs to users

in the future, more manufacturers should attach great importance to services, and users will become the ultimate beneficiaries to avoid bumping. Of course, the construction of the service system needs the support of funds and a certain scale of user groups. In this regard, some of the most famous IT manufacturers in China have certain advantages, but the quality of the service depends more on the importance of the enterprise to the service, and even has a certain relationship with the enterprise culture. From the level of an enterprise's service level, we can best see the style of the enterprise, It is also the best way to see whether this is a trustworthy enterprise for users. (end)

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