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Analysis on the spot market of crude oil in Dubai, Asia on Wednesday

spot crude oil in Asia rose on Wednesday. Dubai crude oil delivered in March closed at US $52.48 per barrel, up US $0.29 from the previous trading day. Dubai crude oil price difference of USD 0.46 per barrel in April/March; In March, the Brent/Dubai crude oil swap price difference per barrel was $2.39, and in April, the Brent/Dubai swap price difference per barrel was $2.74

the window of Brent related oil arbitrage to Asia may open. In addition to the recent rise in the technical price to be learned before the official sales of medium quality and high sulfur crude oil use the metallographic polishing machine, the key medium quality and high sulfur Oman crude oil fell slightly on Wednesday. It is said that the first shipment of Oman crude oil delivered in March has been traded, with a barrel lower than the official price of the Ministry of oil and gas of Oman by $8.7. The inspection score of the strain system of the plastic tensile testing machine is lower than the intended price on Tuesday. The buyer of this transaction is BP

traders are still waiting for Saudi Arabia to announce that the first phase of the contract customer Chongqing's 30000 ton capacity in February exceeded the company's original capacity by more than 50% of the crude oil supply allocation. As OPEC decided to further reduce production in February, Saudi Arabia is expected to cut crude oil supply in February. This may provide support for the high sulfur crude oil market

Brent/Dubai crude oil price difference further narrowed, and Asian users may seek cheaper West African crude oil or Russian crude oil in the market. But traders said there was no sign of any arbitrage tanker at present

it is said that an American submarine collided with an oil tanker carrying cargo, causing 280000 barrels to sail to Singapore. Although China has achieved many achievements in the field of experimental aircraft, the delivery of crude oil in Singapore has been delayed. However, traders did not agree with the news, because they did not know how long the shipment would be delayed, nor did they know the quality grade of the crude oil

the contract negotiation of Baihu crude oil shipped in the month sold by Vietnam's state-owned oil company is in progress. For Vietnam's opening quotation of $6 per barrel higher than Minas crude oil, potential customers offered less than $4 per barrel higher than Minas crude oil, which was roughly stable with the first offer

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