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Smart game major helps Yuchai transform and upgrade "accelerate"

smart game major helps Yuchai transform and upgrade "accelerate"

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Guide: transformation and upgrading is a hot word for modern enterprises. Under the multi-level pressure of economy and environment, many enterprises focus on transformation and upgrading, and strive to give enterprises new vitality through reform. The same is true of Yuchai. However, just like the dance on the tip of the knife, the transformation and upgrading seems beautiful, and the process

transformation and upgrading is a hot word in modern enterprises. Under the multi-level pressure of economy and environment, many enterprises focus on transformation and upgrading, and strive to give enterprises new vitality through reform. The same is true of Yuchai

however, just like the dance on the tip of the knife, the transformation and upgrading looks beautiful, but the process is very thrilling. How to walk steadily and accurately is a difficult problem for every enterprise. Whether Yuchai can continue its glory of more than 60 years and win in the new game war is a question worth pondering by everyone in Yuchai

micro growth era: focus on achieving dreams

according to research, with the decline of national fixed asset investment, the entire market economy has declined. From the growth rate of the engine industry alone, it has decreased from the previous two digit growth to 4% and 5% in recent years, and even negative growth. The whole industry has entered the era of micro growth. This is a great pressure on engine enterprises

in 2011, Yuchai Co., Ltd. adjusted the company's vision and focused on the path of specialization with the positioning of "building the world's most competitive professional power supplier". This is a choice based on the analysis of the industry situation and enterprise advantages

in order to go smoothly on the road of specialization, enterprises must take the lead in core technology, segment markets and products, and launch specialized products for different market segments. In recent years, Yuchai has invested heavily in R & D: in terms of R & D personnel, Yuchai Engineering Research Institute currently has 670 people, which is expected to increase to 1000 by 2015; In terms of equipment construction, the number of Yuchai test stands has doubled from 40 to 80; Yuchai also established the Nanning base of Yuchai Research Institute, which was officially put into operation in early September this year, and its R & D strength increased significantly

there is a certain gap between domestic and foreign engine emissions. Yuchai has always had its own advantages. From national level I to European level VI, Yuchai is leading the industry to launch new products. How to consolidate Yuchai's leading edge is a problem that Yuchai urgently needs to face

According to Zhong Yuwei, deputy general manager of Yuchai Co., Ltd., Yuchai has made adequate preparations in terms of technology, service and production for the national four emission standards that are currently fully implemented by the country. For the national five emission standards that will be implemented in many parts of the country in 2015, Yuchai has also begun to put products that meet the national five emission standards on the market, and strive to upgrade the leading products to the national five standards. At the same time, in response to the euro VI emission standard to be implemented in Beijing in 2015, Yuchai has included the products with euro VI emission standard in Yuchai's commodity development plan in 2014, and Yuchai will officially launch a euro VI product in 2014

Yuchai's "12th Five Year Plan" requires that by the end of the "12th Five Year Plan", a product layout docking with the international level should be formed. "The positioning of these products is that they can compete with international products and have a relatively large improvement compared with our existing products, including product performance, weight, reliability, etc." Zhong Yuwei said

to achieve this goal, it is essential to improve the economy of engine use and reduce fuel consumption. As early as many years ago, Yuchai defined its product brand connotation as "professional and efficient", and developed targeted products according to the requirements of market segmentation, aiming at the purpose of segmentation and improving the operating efficiency of the engine. In view of this comprehensive goal, Yuchai put forward the goal of 100% quality improvement in three years in 2011, from technology to control. After three years of development, the quality performance of Yuchai products has been significantly improved, which is reflected in the continuous improvement of users' satisfaction with Yuchai products and the rise of product sales

new energy era: hybrid power and gas engine work together

the pressure not only comes from the slowdown of industry demand, but also from the crisis of energy and environment, which is constantly pressurizing enterprises. At present, the country's dependence on imported oil has risen to 56%, reaching the highest level in American history. The haze in Beijing and other places has also led the country to order the remediation of air pollution for many times. As the most important consumption tool of energy and the most direct emission source of pollution, the product trend of engine enterprises is very important. From the perspective of national policies on the development of hybrid power, the recently released national air pollution prevention and control plan requires that new municipal vehicles and buses in Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta should be powered by new or alternative energy

Yuchai began to march into new and alternative energy sources. However, in the research and development of new energy engines, there is no ambition. We still combine our main business and vigorously develop hybrid power. "This consideration is mainly based on the analysis of the current situation of the industry by enterprises, because from the current domestic technology, there is still a long way to go from the traditional internal combustion engine to the pure electric engine, and at this stage, hybrid will be the mainstream product in the market."

as soon as Yuchai hybrid power products were launched, they became popular in the market. From the sales volume of the whole year in 2012, more than 1200 sets of hybrid power systems were sold. Now, buses in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing and other places are equipped with Yuchai hybrid power. This year, with the advantage of leading technology, Yuchai started to develop the third generation of Yuchai hybrid, which is also the plug-in hybrid that the country is now vigorously encouraging to promote. This product is expected to be put on the market by the end of the year

alternative energy is of great help to solve China's single dependence on oil, reduce the country's dependence on imported oil, and even reduce PM2.5. Among alternative fuels, China now strongly encourages cnglng. Yuchai also looked at this place. At present, judging from the research and development environment of Yuchai gas engine, the second west east gas pipeline has entered Nanning, and Myanmar's oil and gas pipeline has also reached Guigang City, which is close to Yulin city. The platforms in Yulin and Nanning bases of Yuchai Engineering Research Institute have been equipped with the direct transmission of natural gas to the platforms, and the resource guarantee of R & D has been greatly strengthened than before

in terms of sales, the production and sales of Yuchai gas engine this year are expected to increase significantly compared with last year. Although Yuchai accounts for a small proportion in the market share of the whole gas engine and the sales structure of the company's market segments, the growth rate of Yuchai gas engine is often obvious without organizing the aluminum processing enterprises in Huaibei City to conduct in-depth docking with BYD's purchasing department. According to Zhong Yuwei, in addition to vehicle engines, the development of Yuchai's entire products is also constantly changing to the engineering machinery and marine power generation market, and it is expected that there will be a relatively large development in the next few years

connotative growth is always half a beat faster than rivals.

"500 years is more important than the top 500." This is what Yanping, chairman of the board of directors of Yuchai group, said in an interview. Under the situation of the slowdown of the development trend of the whole industry, Yuchai has actively changed its business operation, from extensive development to connotative growth, and strengthened its rapid response ability

in 2011, Yuchai took the lead in launching the ycos construction with lean as the core, and started the connotative growth mode. Yuchai's lean operation system starts from the intermediate link - lean manufacturing, and then extends from lean manufacturing to both ends. At present, it is doing lean research and development, lean procurement, lean sales and their overall layout. After two years of development, Yuchai has significantly improved its production efficiency and cost control ability

in the 12th Five Year Plan of Yuchai, Yuchai defined its core competitiveness as "leading, applicable and fast response". Among them, "leading application" includes product level: product specialization, market segmentation, product segmentation, and cost control rate. "Rapid response" is determined by Yuchai's operating position and environment. "Yuchai is an independent engine factory, an intermediate operator, and located in Yulin, with a remote geographical location. If you want Yuchai to have the same competitive advantage as domestic and foreign enterprises, you must build a core competitiveness of rapid response and do everything half a beat faster than others." Zhong Yuwei said

from the results of implementation, the adjustment of Yuchai's connotative growth is fruitful. From the perspective of this year's engine sales, Yuchai continues to lead the industry. In terms of operating efficiency, Yuchai has been greatly improved than before, the enterprise operation is healthier, and the environmental impact is not as great as before. This is reflected in that although the machinery industry has declined as a whole in recent years, its market share has gradually increased

at present, Yuchai has begun to brew "Second Entrepreneurship" to inject new vitality into transformation and upgrading

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