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"Smart" fiber can prevent lithium-ion battery from catching fire

foreign media said that we can rearrange 1 bracket according to the design requirements; The board and some lithium-ion batteries will occasionally cause fire accidents. But scientists now have a new plan to put out the flames before they get out of control: add flame retardants to batteries and release them if the temperature is too high

according to the report of science biweekly, in the lithium-ion battery, ions move between the positive and negative electrodes of the battery through a liquid called electrolyte. But ordinary electrolytes are highly flammable. If the short circuit in the battery generates enough heat, the electrolyte will be ignited

the addition of flame retardants to unidirectional electrolytes will make the battery inefficient. So scientists from Stanford University invented a micro "smart" fiber containing flame retardant, which can be inserted between the electrodes of the battery. Researchers published their research results on the 13th in the American Journal of scientific progress that there are holes in the plate sample

the outside of the fiber is a plastic shell, and the inside is flame retardant, which is reminiscent of the finger shaped crisp roll with cream sandwich. Under normal conditions, the plastic shell wraps the flame retardant inside, so the flame retardant will not enter the electrolyte. But if the temperature of the battery is too high, the plastic shell will melt and the flame retardant will enter the electrolyte

in laboratory tests, when the temperature reaches more than 160 ℃, the flame retardant will be released into the electrolyte. When scientists tried to ignite the electrolyte in the presence of flame-retardant fibers, the fibers melted and released flame retardants, making the American flame extinguish after 0.4 seconds

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