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Smart electricity "green card" is about to be released. Automation enterprises dance when they hear the "machine"

editor's note: every economic crisis can trigger a round of energy reform, and this crisis is no exception, which makes us enter the era of energy informatization early. At a time when the global economy is hovering at the bottom of the economic slowdown and against a larger background, the world's largest and third largest economies have chosen the new energy strategy, hoping to cope with the crisis and seize the "peak" in the future

since the Obama administration announced a new proposal in mid April, which plans to allocate about $4billion of stimulus funds for the development of new power transmission technologies, "smart electricity" has become popular all over the world. On May 21, at the "International Symposium on UHV technology" held in Beijing, the State Grid Corporation of China released the "building a strong smart power", announcing that it would build a strong smart power by 2020, which caused a shock in the industry. Smart electricity has kicked off in China

actively explore the "China" model, and the smart electricity plan will be issued on a certain date.

smart electricity is an inevitable choice for mankind to face the challenges of power supply and demand balance, new energy access, power reliability and information security. It represents a vision of the future evolution of electricity: combined with advanced automation technology, information technology and controllable power equipment, it supports the optimal management of the entire power supply link from power generation to power consumption, especially the access of new energy and the safe operation of electricity

insiders said that smart electricity is the intellectualization of electricity, also known as "electricity 2.0", which is based on an integrated, high-speed two-way communication network. Through the application of advanced sensing and measurement technology, advanced equipment technology, advanced control methods and advanced decision support system technology, the goal of electric reliability, safety, economy, efficiency, environmental friendliness and safe use is achieved, Its main features include self-healing of smart electricity itself, providing power quality to meet the needs of users in the 21st century, allowing access to various forms of power generation, and ensuring the optimal and efficient operation of the power market. The core connotation of smart electricity is to realize the informatization, digitization, automation and interaction of electricity, that is, "strong smart electricity"

according to Professor Wu Jiandong, the essence of interactive electricity is energy substitution, compatible utilization and interactive economy. Technically speaking, interactive electricity should be the integration of the most advanced industries such as communication, it, energy, new materials and sensors. It is also the synthesis of distribution technology, network technology, communication technology, sensor technology, power electronics technology and energy storage technology, which has a direct comprehensive effect on promoting the new technological revolution. With the implementation of smart power planning, China's energy situation will undergo major changes

In May, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang made it clear that the government will increase its support for UHV transmission technology research in the future, accelerate the pace of UHV technology development, and actively explore the development path of smart electricity in line with China's national conditions

after the promulgation of the ten major industrial revitalization plan, another major industrial plan in China - "smart electricity plan" will also be released in late July or early August. The plan will clarify the detailed schedule of smart electricity construction, as well as core issues such as investment steps and investment amount. According to experts, the solicitation of opinions on relevant plans has come to an end temporarily. Relevant national departments will first issue a detailed construction plan for smart electricity, and then issue standards for relevant core technologies

according to the analysis of the preliminary national electricity planning, the investment plan for the full completion of smart electricity by 2020 is about 200billion yuan, which will focus on the incremental investment in the construction of power management software system and system at the distribution side. In the short term, it will effectively stimulate the sub industries such as smart meters, digital substations, system integration and metering systems, and the new energy related industries will benefit the most

automation giants plough deep into the Chinese market and rush to land all kinds of new products

has brought confidence to extruder enterprises

both the improvement of production efficiency and the realization of energy conservation and emission reduction goals are closely related to the informatization and automation level of enterprises. All production processes and environmental protection processes of electric power cannot be separated from automation. The implementation and application of distributed control system (DCS), computer-based special control system and various optimization software control systems have realized the real-time monitoring, rapid control and optimized operation of the production process. The application of various information management systems and the effective integration with automation systems have realized the integration of production process and enterprise management. The construction of strong smart electricity has brought huge market space to automation enterprises

with the vigorous development and successful application of domestic automatic control technology, several local automation enterprises, represented by Hollysys and central control, have developed rapidly. They dare to innovate, have strong R & D capabilities, and have great sustained investment and stamina. With the support of the state and some state-owned power companies, of course, the most fundamental reason is that local enterprises can develop automation products needed by power plants themselves, All this makes the power plant business of local automation enterprises develop rapidly. From the perspective of the automation development level of domestic enterprises, although the control technology has reached a high level, there is still room for further development in the digitization, networking, intelligence, safety instrumentation and other aspects of automatic control technology

according to insiders, the difference between power automation and other industries is that there is little foreign investment in this industry, mainly in the field of industrial automation. However, with their deep roots in the domestic power market in the past, GE and ABB have carried out close cooperation with State Grid and other enterprises in power equipment and intelligent components. Smart power transformation will include the construction of power dispatching, power equipment of digital substations, and the comprehensive upgrading and installation of smart components including smart meters. Foreign funded enterprises have been waiting for the opportunity to deploy in China and various new products have been landing. Domestic enterprises seem to need the wisdom of timely response

last year, GE Energy acquired Kelman Co., Ltd. in Lisbon, Northern Ireland. Kelman is a leading supplier of advanced monitoring and diagnostic technology for transformers. This acquisition strengthened GE's business portfolio of smart electrical products and provided a more comprehensive product supply for power customers

as a world-renowned leading manufacturer in the power and automation industry, abb launched a strategic direction last year, which is "based on China and serve China", and the next goal will be "based on China and serve the global market". Dr. Ke Tingan, vice president and chief technology officer of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., said that we see that the Chinese government is paying more and more attention to the development of renewable energy, high-speed trains, water treatment and other industries, which are also very in line with ABB's R & D priorities in China. Robots, smart electricity, how to improve the stability of electricity, disaster prevention and carbon dioxide emission reduction are also the research and development directions that abb is paying attention to

Dr. nihag, CEO of Siemens power transmission group, also said that although the financial storm has caused a huge impact on the global economy, there is an increasing demand for experiments on mechanics, the development of UHV has injected new vitality into the electrical industry

In June, Areva, the world's leading energy company, announced the opening of two new plants in Wuxi and Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. The two new plants are Wuxi Arumi foundry and Areva power transmission and distribution (Yangzhou) high voltage bus duct plant, with a total investment of 280million yuan, to produce the core accessories of gas insulated substation (GIS) for power transmission, so as to supply Areva power transmission and distribution GIS plants in China and other regions

in order to realize complete line protection assistance and the structure of power it system, LS power generation, following the successful landing of susol series MCCB in the Chinese market, also launched susol series air circuit breakers (ACBs) to escort the distribution network system of the enterprise

Advantech automation grandly launched eki-4654r Industrial Ethernet products applied to electrical automation, which can resist the environment and electromagnetic interference (EMI) caused by the use of network equipment in substation communication. Eki-4564r can interact with many equipment to provide reliable and continuous power communication with temperature rise. Moxa also launched a new da681 based on X86 based embedded computer, which is an embedded computer specially designed for the power automation industry, especially suitable for substation applications

No protection, long service life

the big screen has been lifted, and the "game" has really begun! With the support of the policy and the bright vision, many automation enterprises have risen to the "critical stick". The use of new technologies and products is bound to make China's smart electricity stronger and more intelligent

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