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Smart electricity: Chint likes to taste the first cake in the market

since the State Power Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the state) put forward the specific idea of smart electricity construction planning last year, almost everyone can clearly predict that in the next few years, the domestic smart electricity market will be at least several thousand trillion yuan. This big cake brings extremely attractive opportunities to power equipment enterprises, but at the same time, it also brings unprecedented development crisis

on April 7, the bidding dust for the first batch of smart meters (North and East China) in China in 2010, known as the first to receive the energy construction after the experiment of Yizhi 6 and bellows ring stiffness testing machine, was settled, and the bid opening in other regions will also be announced next week. This national unified bidding method adopted since the end of 2009, as well as the instinctive reaction of enterprises seizing the first opportunity, forced the electricity meter field in the power equipment industry to take the lead in fighting. And Chint, before this inevitable game of the jungle, is actively fighting in its own way

On the afternoon of April 7, Shi Yixin, general manager of Zhejiang Chint Instruments Co., Ltd. (Chint instruments for short), received the good news of winning the bid from Zhang Dabin, general manager of the company's sales center. He was not as excited as others. He told that everything was expected, because the previous preparations were quite sufficient. However, the bidding at the end of 2009 failed due to a short time

the situation of Chint instruments' entry this time is that among the six smart meters submitted for inspection, five mainstream products have been successfully shortlisted in the product list of national suppliers. Under the basic principles of China, Chint instruments has formulated the policy of moderate price and taking into account profits. All departments have worked closely together and formulated price strategies for key markets and key customers in combination with the actual situation of the company. Finally, it won the bid for more than 210000 Level 2 single-phase remote charge control (switch/built-in) energy meters in three bid sections. Ranked seventh in the number of bid winners, and basically achieved the expected goal

for us, the number of winning the bid is not the goal, but to force ourselves and improve ourselves through this military training, and finally achieve the goal of market first and benefit later. Shi Yixin said the significance of winning the bid. He believed that although winning the bid is very important for an enterprise at present, it mainly relies on the hand of the country to oppress its own rapid growth in technical strength, sales mechanism, production management, etc. if it does not participate in the standard rules formulated by the country and demands itself with strict market demand, the future development direction will be difficult to grasp

at the same time, according to Shi Yixin, although the price is a major factor in the current competition of smart meters, smart meters are high-tech products after all. In the future, technology will become the dominant force. Who has the most advanced technology will be the final winner. The benefits will be naturally reflected when the technology reaches a certain leading position

this bid is also a major test for the sales mechanism of Chint instruments. In the past, the distribution based model must be changed to direct selling due to the change of the bidding method in China. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of leaders and staff at all levels of the company to work overtime to hold the review meeting and stay up late to make the bid, Chint instruments successfully won the bid. In the next Chongqing station, Zhang Dabin confidently said that he would have better results

◇ there is danger in the machine, and the reshuffle is unstoppable ◇

the number of smart meters in China's first bidding in 2010 is 6.47 million, including 5.93 million level 2 single-phase meters, 490000 level 1 three-phase meters, and 50000 0.5s level three-phase meters. It is reported that there are more than 40 single-phase meter manufacturers and more than 70 three-phase meter manufacturers participating in the bidding. Compared with the bid winning price at the end of 2009, the profit has further declined. The unified bidding method adopted by the country of overcurrent multiple protection devices is more conducive to fairness, justice and rationality. Therefore, for enterprises participating in the competition, this hand-to-hand battle is more brutal. However, the bright market prospect is obvious. Ren dianyi, executive deputy general manager of Chint instruments, was originally the Secretary General of the domestic electrical instrument industry association. He told that the country planned to update and transform the electricity meter in the construction project of power user electricity information acquisition system proposed in 2008, and redesigned the smart meter in combination with the strong smart electricity construction plan proposed in 2009. According to the plan, the total scale of the project will reach 80billion yuan by 2013, and the annual bidding volume of this year will be 33million, which is only the figure in the plan. If it is really implemented, the scale will exceed. At the same time, the transformation of agriculture and the replacement of mechanical watches in southern China will also keep pace

abroad, the European Union has completed the unified smart electricity plan, and it is expected to invest 311 million smart meters by 2020; The experiment in the United States is also very perfect. In 2010, the investment in smart meters was US $42.7 billion, which will increase at a rate of 15% per year as pointed out in the report; South America, Southeast Asia and Africa will all enter the ranks of smart electricity in the near future

if it is only the initial stage of smart meters at present, but the inflection point of port coal prices reappears, in a few years or more, the demand for smart meters will no longer be a topic to replace mechanical meters, but a new market demand with constantly upgraded technology. Like, new functions will continue to emerge and enter the stage of consumption update. When Shi Yixin described the future, he saw an infinite broad market

although the cake is attractive, it is not so easy to share it beautifully. It is reported that the merger and reorganization of the domestic industry has begun. Recently, the case of China Aerospace Science and Industry Shenzhen (Group) company acquiring private enterprises Shenzhen tairuijie Electronics Co., Ltd. and Xi'an Liangli Instrument Co., Ltd. has put pressure on the industry. In addition to facing internal competition, worried meter enterprises also have to deal with foreign power giants, such as GE's investment in smart meters, and those communication industry enterprises closely related to wireless technology that are eager to try

it is imperative to merge and reorganize the industry. At present, there are more than 170 meter enterprises with scale and strength in China, and in 5 to 15 years, there will be only about 30 left. Ren dianyi said

◇ Chint is poised for development ◇ ◇

smart electricity construction. Smart electricity meters have taken the lead, benefited first, and ushered in major development opportunities. How to grasp this rare opportunity requires a substantial improvement in comprehensive ability, otherwise it will be reduced to making wedding clothes for others

on March 4 this year, Chint instruments held a welcome ceremony for senior talents. Four famous technology, management and production experts in the industry gathered in this private enterprise. Shi Yixin said that everything they brought will completely trigger the company's reform and realize the leap of Chint meters

Shi Yixin's goal is very clear. He will consolidate all kinds of foundations in the past five years and strive to become the leader of the domestic electricity meter industry within ten years. Smart meter is the charge number that leads Chint instruments to stride forward

technology is the key. As early as a few years ago, Chint instruments moved its R & D center to Hangzhou, attracting a group of talents with strong technical force. In the development of smart meters, Chint instruments is also at the forefront of China. Smart meter technology, which is completely centered on independent innovation, has its own intellectual property rights. At present, Li Xiangfeng, a technical expert with practical experience in world-class meter enterprises, takes the lead and gives full play to its advantages, Pay close attention to the research and development of national smart meter follow-up products and national smart terminal products. On the one hand, strive for more product series to be shortlisted in the country's procurement catalogue; On the other hand, we will actively carry out the optimization design of shortlisted products, improve the cost performance of products, and strive to win more bids in the subsequent bidding

Chint instruments also plans to pursue the design of high value-added smart meters such as commercial, industrial, general meter, gateway meter and concentrator on the basis of integrated smart meters, become a high-level quality brand in the industry, and finally launch an attack on the core chip of smart meters. In fact, this confidence also comes from the smart meter project of EDF participated by Chint last year. The company has gained valuable experience in smart meter technology in the practice of this project

in other aspects, Chint instruments ranks at the forefront of its peers in the country in terms of R & D response speed and large-scale production capacity of mid-range and low-end electric energy meters. In addition, Chint instruments is a famous brand product in China, which is guaranteed by the strong marketing ability and capital operation ability of Chint Group. Therefore, in the fierce market competition, it can ensure the delivery quality and delivery time. It has a strong advantage of late development

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