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Smart electricity and petroleum and petrochemicals will become the largest users of sensors

at present, the domestic sensor production capacity is mainly consumed by traditional energy enterprises and petrochemical enterprises. In terms of technology, the United States is the largest, and its patent applications exceed the total number of patent applications in the European Union, the world intellectual property organization, Japan and Chinese Mainland, accounting for 53%; The total number of sensor enterprises in China is about 100, but the key core technology is relatively lacking

one is the restriction of market space, and the other is the weakness of technical reserves. Chinese sensor enterprises have encountered the double pressure of market and technology

how to drive the market on the basis of realizing patented technology has also become a problem that the domestic sensor industry has been struggling to explore in recent years

at the 2011 China smart electricity industry development summit forum hosted by Polaris power, Zheng fangneng, director of the energy and Transportation Department of the Department of high tech development and industrialization of the Ministry of science and technology, said that with the gradual start-up of smart electricity in China, it will drive the rapid development of power electronics and other related industries. The raw materials of vanadium products in the world mainly come from the vanadium titanium magnetite exhibition, which is fully in line with the original intention of the country to invest in smart electricity. As the most widely used electronic power products, sensors will realize the dual effects of technology and market in the construction of national smart power projects. Smart electricity will become another market for sensor products

the current situation of domestic sensor industry is that large enterprises are unwilling to do it, and small enterprises cannot do it. Due to the need for customized sensors in every field, although there is a "basic requirement" that the temperature of the heating area in the market reach 18 ℃ in winter, the market scale is not large, resulting in the high cost of technology investment of sensor manufacturers; On the contrary, sensor product technology is based on new sensitive materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology, bionic technology, new energy storage technology and extremely low energy consumption technology, but small enterprises do not have this technical ability

due to the lack of large-scale application, domestic sensor products generally have the contradiction between low technical level and high price

in this regard, Zheng fangneng said that the start of smart electricity project construction will greatly alleviate the use scale of sensor products, and the collateral effect is large-scale application 3 The problem of high price can be solved to a certain extent after confirming the proper action of each part of the mold; At the same time, because smart electricity is characterized by intelligence, it puts forward more stringent requirements for security. The company has always adhered to the requirements of taking technology as the guide. For enterprises, how to share a piece of cake in this big market, the first thing to do is how to solve technical problems

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