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Polycarbonate awesome welcomes the era of industrial Internet and the development of vehicle technology

recently learned that Bayer materials technology plans to build a new facility with an annual capacity of 200000 tons in Shanghai, expand the polycarbonate capacity of the integrated base, and increase the annual capacity of the plant from 200000 tons to 300000 tons, with a total amount of 500000 tons, so that it can be inched; It is the largest polycarbonate production base in the world

polycarbonate is a high-performance organic material with a wide range of applications, mainly in the automotive industry, consumer electronics, electronic products and construction industries. In the field of transportation equipment, it will be applied to the development of various vehicle technologies. For example, the high strength and transparency of polycarbonate materials can not only reduce the weight of cars, but also improve the safety of cars. The weight of polycarbonate can be reduced by 40% instead of glass

it is understood that Bayer materials will vigorously promote the development of polycarbonate in the Chinese market after cutting off the power supply

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