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Smart e-commerce machines reach 30billion euros, Siemens accelerates the layout and grabs the market

major international energy giants are accelerating the layout of "smart electricity", the most promising market for development and imagination. "Siemens expects that the business opportunities brought by this market will reach 30billion euros in the next five years. Siemens' goal is to achieve an annual growth rate of 7% and a market share of 20% in the field of smart electricity." Ralfchristian, chief executive officer of distribution group in Siemens' energy business, told the morning post

andreasmatthe, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and President of energy business, said that the company's smart electricity business orders are expected to reach 1billion euros in this fiscal year

Siemens revealed that it will officially acquire 60% of the equity of energy4u settlement company, an intelligent instrument and energy expert, on October 1 this year, which means that Siemens has greatly strengthened its ability in "software" in the smart electricity industry chain

on September 18, at Siemens' power transmission and distribution equipment production base in Minhang District, Shanghai, two heads of Siemens' energy business received an exclusive interview with several media, including morning post, on the topic of "smart electricity", and systematically talked about some of Siemens' views and goals in smart electricity for the first time

has cooperated with national household appliances

Oriental Morning Post: at present, "smart electricity" has been fully implemented as a strategic plan in the United States, Europe and China, but there is no unified specification at present. What is Siemens' understanding of "smart electricity"

Mar de: the main driving force for the development of smart electricity is the increasing demand for energy, especially for large cities and megacities; The second is to protect the environment and promote sustainable development, especially how to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save our energy. Of course, it also includes the availability or affordability of energy, and the security of energy

now our electrical structure has changed greatly, from the original one-way energy flow to a multi-channel energy transmission and flow. For example, the integration of solar energy and wind energy into our electricity, as well as electric vehicles for electric vehicles, all of which need to achieve a two-way interaction

the smart electricity market includes three elements: intelligent metering (Intelligent Billing), intelligent electricity (network infrastructure and its control) and information technology application of public utilities (Intelligent Data Management). By 2020, the use of smart electricity can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 1 billion tons

Oriental Morning Post: the Chinese government also proposed the three-step promotion of smart electricity. What business opportunities does Siemens think exist in China's development stage? Is there any cooperation with China in the early stage of R & D and projects

Christine: in the past 10 years, the development of smart electricity in Europe or Germany has been very high. We have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge technology in many renewable energy fields. Now the United States is investing in smart electricity, which is a very positive measure

Mar de: Siemens is the first company in the world to have the application of 800kV high-voltage DC transmission. We and Nanfang power have used the high-voltage DC system in the "Yunnan Guangzhou" project. In addition, we also have the application in Xiangjiaba in the field of home appliances

on the one hand, we have real products and solutions to provide customers in China. On the other hand, we also carry out some conceptual research and development with customers. We have research and development institutions in Nanjing and Shanghai to carry out these work

transmission capacity is of great concern

Oriental Morning Post: companies like GE and IBM are doing relevant smart electricity technology. Will you compete on the same platform to develop this city, such as the computer field? In addition, Siemens' market target in the next five years is 20%, and the rest belongs to other companies

Christine: now there are more than 50 enterprises in the global market that are quite active in the field of smart electricity. In the context of globalization, we can't get all the market share. It's quite good to have 20%

in terms of their expertise, IBM focuses on it solutions. Our product portfolio is comprehensive, including software in energy, network and infrastructure. In fact, in terms of intelligent electrolysis solutions, companies such as GE are only applied in some aspects, which is not enough to cover the capabilities of the whole industrial chain, including power generation, distribution and so on

Oriental Morning Post: what challenges will Siemens face in the future in China's smart electricity market

Christine: it is a difficult decision for all countries, because a lot of money needs to be invested

ma de: the issue of transmission capacity is now of great concern in China, including how to transmit renewable energy in the central and northern regions on a large scale. On the other hand, solutions such as smart electricity are also needed to ensure energy supply and high quality in the power networks of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. (Oriental Morning Post LiXiaoHui)

Nari of Guodian grabbed the 200billion cake of smart electricity

Hu Zhaoguang: the annual growth rate of power demand will reach 4%

Hu Zhaoguang, vice president of the National Electric Energy Research Institute, said at the "Theoretical Seminar on modern power market and steadily pushing forward electricity price reform" jointly hosted by China Energy News and power Sike that the growth rate of China's power demand this year is about 4%, which may reach 3565.3 billion kwh

Hu Zhaoguang believes that if China's power consumption growth has remained in double digits since October, it is expected to reach 14.3% - 15% or higher by December. This is mainly because the power growth rate at the end of last year was relatively slow, or even negative, and the base was relatively low. Therefore, it is possible to maintain the growth rate above double digits at the end of this year

according to Hu Zhaoguang's research, the growth of power generation and GDP fluctuate in a 9-year cycle. "This economic downturn was doubly affected by the financial crisis and China's own economic cycle." Hu Zhaoguang believes that China's economic growth has completed the tensile, contraction and bending test of the sample, showing a "V" rebound, and the bottom has basically come out

in the medium and long term, Hu Zhaoguang said that China's power demand will reach 3850 billion kwh by 2010, 5600 billion kwh by 2015 and 750 billion kwh by 2020. According to the power supply and demand index during the "12th Five Year Plan" period provided by it, China's power demand will be in a state of oversupply in the next few years, and supply and demand will be balanced by about 2015

since the 200billion smart electricity construction plan was released, the first electrical equipment enterprise has announced its investment plan in this field. Guodian Nari (600406) announced on the 21st that the company plans to issue no more than 26million additional shares to no more than 10 specific investors at a price of no less than 30.94 yuan/share, and the net amount of funds raised is expected to be no more than 760million yuan. According to the announcement, the funds raised this time are mainly invested in projects related to smart electricity

575million investment in smart power projects

the announcement shows that the funds raised by Guodian Nari in this additional issuance will be invested in six projects, of which, in addition to investing 75million yuan to build the dispatching decision-making system of urban rail transit command center and 110million yuan to build the automatic monitoring and computer interlocking system of urban rail transit trains, they are all related to smart power

these projects include an investment of 120million yuan to build an intelligent substation automation system, 167million yuan to build an intelligent power information acquisition system and supporting products, 168million yuan to build a wind turbine control and wind farm access system, and 120million yuan to build an intelligent power distribution operation control system. A total of 575million yuan will be invested, accounting for 75.6% of the total funds raised this time

Feilong, the company's secret agent, previously introduced in an interview with China Securities Journal that the company's main businesses are basically serving power construction, and is currently increasing investment in this field. In addition, some businesses involve commercial fields such as rail transit, and the company has also achieved a national leading level in this field

the business segments of Nari Guodian include power dispatching automation, digital substation, rural power automation and rail transit electrical automation. Among them, power dispatching plans to raise no more than 5billion yuan through non-public issuance of shares for new alloy materials projects, new energy source battery materials projects with an annual output of 20000 tons, repayment of bank loans and supplementary activity funds. Automation is the company's dominant business, accounting for 32% of the revenue last year, Gross profit accounted for 38%. Smart power construction involves most of the company's current businesses, and the company has a relatively high market share in power dispatching, substation automation and other aspects. It is expected that the company will significantly benefit from smart power construction

Nari of Guodian believes that this additional issuance will enable the company to make practical preparations for the development and guidance of new technologies in smart electricity, occupy the commanding heights in the market of smart electricity related products with broad prospects, further enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and consolidate and improve the industry position. We organized and implemented the three-year action plan for standardization of new materials industry. At the same time, it also helped the company seize the opportunity of rapid development of China's rail transit construction, extend the company's industrial chain in the field of rail transit automation, further optimize the product structure, and enhance the competitiveness of Guodian NARI in the urban rail transit industry

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