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Smart electricity construction will bring trillions of business opportunities

from 2011 to 2015, China will be committed to building a unified and strong smart electricity in an all-round way. This huge project will bring trillions of business opportunities in the next 10 years. This was learned from the 2012 smart phone tour forum held in Chengdu on November 11

according to the plan of State Grid Corporation of China, 286billion yuan will be invested in intelligent construction during the 12th Five Year Plan period. In 2012, 17 intelligent power comprehensive demonstration projects, 163 charging and replacement power stations, 910 AC charging piles, 1329 intelligent substations, 132 intelligent substations will be reconstructed, the construction of distribution automation systems will be promoted in 26 provincial companies, and 8 provincial intelligent power dispatching technical support systems will be built, 37million smart energy meters have been popularized and applied

1 experiment is completed, and the construction potential of smart electricity in Sichuan Province is huge. Last year, only Sichuan and Jiangsu provinces invested more than 10% of the total investment of State Grid Corporation of China. Announced on January 25th, 2017, Chang Xiaoqing, vice president of Sichuan Electric Power Research Institute, said that based on the current annual average investment of 300billion yuan, if the country continues to maintain this trend in the next 10 years, the number of investments will be amazing

Sichuan has potential to tap in all aspects of smart electricity construction. In terms of UHV construction, our province has become the main battlefield of UHV transmission construction. Among the four UHV DC transmission lines under construction and completed by state power, except for the Xinjiang Hami South Zhengzhou 800 kV HVDC transmission project, the other three originate from Sichuan. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, our province will also speed up the construction of Ya'an South Anhui 1000 kV high-voltage AC transmission and transformation project on the basis of the new Jinping South Jiangsu and Xiluodu West Zhejiang 800 kV high-voltage DC projects

the construction of smart electricity can also promote the development of new energy power generation integrated into electricity. According to the 2012 renewable energy data manual of the national renewable energy center, wind power generation in Sichuan was 50million kwh in 2011, accounting for 0.02% of the country's annual wind power. The cumulative installed capacity of photovoltaic power is 2 MW. Compared with other provinces and cities, new energy power generation is very small. So far, tension: force elongation, stress-strain; There are no large-scale photovoltaic power generation projects in force time, elongation time and strain time

the relevant person in charge of the provincial power company revealed that at present, the provincial power company has newly built and transformed a number of smart substations, built 7 electric vehicle charging stations and 710 charging piles in Chengdu, Mianyang and other places, added and replaced 7.3 million smart meters in the province, and 2580 users in the three smart districts of Chengdu and Mianyang have begun the experience of smart electricity

the provincial power company has selected Leshan to carry out the construction of the intelligent electricity comprehensive demonstration area project, with a total investment of more than 150million yuan. At present, the construction of intelligent substations, intelligent residential areas and power optical fiber to the home has been started, and it is expected to be completed in 2014


smart electricity is based on its new 3D printing materials, which refers to the coordinated development of electricity at all levels with UHV as the backbone, covering all voltage levels and power access, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption and dispatching links, grass-roots modern communication and information technology, etc., to adapt to the flexible access and exit of all kinds of power supplies and power facilities, and realize friendly interaction with users, A new type of modern electricity with intelligent response and system self-healing ability. It can significantly improve the safety, reliability and operation efficiency of power system. (Liu Jia, Liu Chuan, duanyuqing)

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