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The first wave of smart factory: Nepcon Asia Electronics Show takes you to understand the charm of automation technology

smart factory first wave: Nepcon Asia Electronics Show takes you to understand the charm of automation technology

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on August, Nepcon Asia Asia Electronics Show will be grandly displayed in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition scope of this Nepcon Asia electronics exhibition includes new technologies and products in the electronic manufacturing links of printed circuit boards, circuit board assembly, automatic assembly and testing. In the same period, six exhibitions were integrated, and efforts were made to build a connectivity platform for the electronic manufacturing industry. It is expected that there will be 800 exhibitors and brands from 38 countries and regions, and 60000 professional buyers are expected to participate in the event

as the largest Nepcon exhibition in the past, the strength of exhibitors in this exhibition can not be underestimated, and a large number of giants in the industry gather here. are you ready? Now let's bring you the new products of smart factory and automation technology heavyweight exhibitors to be exhibited at Nepcon Asia 2019 Asia Electronics Exhibition

emo motion control technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

booth number: 2h30

the picture shows: the Quartet series four axis motion control system

the Quartet is the latest four axis Mini motion control module launched by Elmo, which integrates four high-performance servo drivers, which can not only meet the requirements of high-power servo drive 1-hand grasp, but also carry out advanced multi axis control. The high-performance multi axis controller is used in conjunction with the high-performance servo driver with safety function and operates through simple programming. Quartet series products simplify the system design, reduce the cost, save space and shorten the time to market

the figure shows: double gold twitter series servo driver

double gold twitter stands out in the industry as the smallest sto certified (sil-3) servo driver, which can transmit more than 10kW power and provide up to 160A (80V) and 140A (100V) current

the figure shows: Platinum Maestro series motion controller

platinum Maestro series motion controller has advanced mechanical functionality and efficient network master station control to ensure seamless operation when the values measured by multiple servo drivers are inaccurate, It is a truly ideal motion controller

Shenzhen Shichuan Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

booth number: 1e65

keens (China) Co., Ltd.

booth number: 2n07

KUKA robot (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

booth number: 1p35

the latest robot of agilus series developed by KUKA, Kr 3 agilus, is oriented to 600 x 600 mm automation units, redefines the 3 kg load robot technology, and its lightweight design is agile and flexible, Be able to do all kinds of tasks with the highest accuracy. Therefore, it can improve the production efficiency even in the production unit with extremely tight compression

kr 3 agilus, as one of the fastest robots in its load level, is a product tailored for the industry that always pursues the shortest cycle time and the highest output in production. It provides an excellent solution for the production of micro workpieces and products, and is very suitable for the assembly, picking and placement, screwing, welding, bonding, packaging, testing or inspection of small parts, especially for the electronic industry with high requirements for space and accuracy. KUKA provides innovation impetus for the electronic industry, one of the largest and fastest-growing markets at present, through international advanced automation technology

Shanghai Anpu Mingzhi automation equipment Co., Ltd.

booth No.: 2j05

mdx adopts integrated design, which integrates servo motor and driver into a whole

1 The harness cost is saved, and the harness of power and signal feedback between the motor and the driver is saved

2. Save equipment space and release the internal space of robots and mechanical equipment. These effective spaces can be provided to other key components, such as transmission mechanisms, sensors or human-machine interfaces

3. The wiring is simpler and the number of harnesses is reduced, which is conducive to simplifying the wiring design of the whole equipment

4. Improve the efficiency of system design: the system designer can focus more on the system components other than the motor, without too much consideration of the placement and wiring of the motor controller, which helps to shorten the design cycle

5. Simplified bill of materials: the integrated design simplifies the original complex bill of materials and reduces the maintenance cost

6 Save the space of the electrical cabinet: after the driver and motor are integrated, the space reserved for the servo driver in the original electrical cabinet can be released, which can make the layout of the electrical cabinet more reasonable and better control the cost of the electrical cabinet

the figure shows: m3 Series High-Performance servo

m3 series servo adopts a newly designed servo motor, which greatly reduces the cogging torque of the motor and reduces the speed and torque fluctuation of the motor. With the high-precision encoder up to 20 bit, the equipment has better processing stability at constant speed and low speed

m3 series servo debugging is simple, without mastering the servo gain debugging principle and complicated gain setting. Based on the new servo control algorithm, it can also operate stably under the maximum load inertia ratio of 30 times. Provide 4 sets of notch filters that can suppress equipment resonance and suppress mechanical resonance, so as to shorten the setting time and improve product accuracy

m3 series servo has sto safety function and is equipped with dynamic braking module

Shenzhen Efficiency Technology Co., Ltd.

booth number: 1g01

E680 is a SMT first piece testing equipment. E680 is a new change to the traditional first article inspection method. It can greatly improve the efficiency of first article inspection, prevent errors and omissions in the inspection process, realize the traceability of the inspection process, save manpower and reduce the cost of first article inspection

the figure shows: efficiency technology e-mes manufacturing execution system adjustable system

e-mes is built on the basic business platform of China's own intellectual property rights, conforms to the mesa/isa-s95 standard, based on batch process control and enterprise modeling technology. It is the guarantee system of the enterprise's internal logistics, production system and quality department, and realizes JIT pull mode, lean production, 6 Sigma TQM Total quality management Rohs/weee laid a solid foundation for harmless production

e-mes technical features:

 cloud based remote plug-ins, component deployment and local presentation technology

 distributed communication technology based on SOA architecture

 pure component plug-in browser platform (fact browser)

 meta object rapid modeling Object modeling

 enterprise modeling

China is the largest construction market in the world

 workflow engine

 data chain system (i-chain)

Shenzhen huishengrui Control Technology Co., Ltd./youaibao robot


high-order can bus step servo integrated machine

uim62h series

can communication driver + absolute value encoder + motor integrated design

LCD digital display EtherCAT step servo driver:

ec88d, supporting domestic and foreign mainstream EtherCAT master stations

ball linear screw motor:

APS series ball linear screw motor motor, equipped with grinding ball screw, High precision, high efficiency, high reliability

Aobo (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.


easy to install and deploy: aubo-i5 manipulator equipped with XiongKe zero quick change can realize the rapid switching of robot installation position, in which the scheme shows two installation methods: front installation and side installation

ü automatic replacement of target workpiece: the target workpiece is equipped with Schunk zero quick change, which can realize accurate location and quick change switching

ü automatic replacement of end tools: the Aubo cooperative robot is equipped with Schunk tools at the end, which can realize the rapid switching of different tools such as electric claw and air claw; The air claw completes the replacement of PCB board, and the electric claw completes the replacement of electronic components

booth number of Guangzhou Otis industrial automation control equipment Co., Ltd.


ultra high precision laser displacement sensor CDX series

industry ultra-high level linear accuracy ± 0.015% F.S. laser displacement sensor "CDX" series adopts newly developed atmos photosensitive components to achieve ultra-high linear accuracy laser displacement sensor with accuracy more than 2.7 times higher than before

① CDX series has built-in Ethernet communication function, without external controller and special software

② the product mainly focuses on the surface/thickness measurement of transparent bodies, which is most suitable for the measurement of transparent bodies and mirror bodies such as glass and chips

measurable glass thickness min. 0.06mm

③ it is widely used in industries led by FPD, semiconductor and electronic components

opposite type edge measurement sensor TD1 series

opposite type edge measurement sensor TD1 series, the light receiving element adopts CMOS components to realize high-precision measurement of edge position

① edge measurement and width • spacing measurement are optional

② wide light curtain laser: 3 × 14mm。

③ configure RS-485 communication mode

④ sampling period: 500 μ s。

⑤ configure the optical axis focusing and adjusting machine, which is easy to install

during the Nepcon Asia Electronic Exhibition, there will be more powerful enterprises from the automation field: Shenzhen haitede Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Lanxin Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu lechuang Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Guangdong Pangu Information Technology Co., Ltd., etc. will gather here to show their core technologies and high-quality products in the automation field, Jointly contribute to the automation of electronic manufacturing

in the same period, Nepcon Asia Asia Electronics Exhibition will also cooperate with "s-factory Expo", "CS show", "automotive world China", "electrotest China", "ahte South China", which will be open to customers from communication, automobile The audience of new energy and smart city comprehensively displayed the whole industry chain solution of electronic manufacturing based on pcb+pcba+smart factory+assmebly+test

on August, we look forward to seeing you at Nepcon Asia Asia and enjoying the annual show of the electronics industry

(source: Nepcon)

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