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The smart door lock group logo will place the film for more than 2 hours before it is released at China International Hardware Exhibition

from October 10 to 12, 2019, it is co sponsored by China Hardware Association, Germany Cologne International Exhibition Co., Ltd., light industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, Beijing hedevo Exhibition Co., Ltd The China International Hardware Exhibition hosted by Shanghai continental Tool Development Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As an annual event in the hardware industry, this hardware exhibition appeared in front of global peers with a more mature and stable attitude

this exhibition covers an area of about 120,00 square meters, with an inaccurate speed control of 0 square meters, about 6000 booths, and a strong lineup of exhibitors, including enterprises and brands from Germany, the United States, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, India, Ukraine, Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, as well as countries and regions along the the Belt and Road

many smart door lock enterprises appeared at the hardware exhibition

at the exhibition, many smart door lock brands appeared with new products. As an entry-level product of the scene, after the rapid development and update iteration in recent years, the product safety has been steadily improved, and has gradually become a lock product favored by consumers. Since 2015, the smart door lock industry has witnessed a blowout growth, with a total annual sales growth of nearly 100%. According to the data of the national lock industry information center, the total output value of China's intelligent door lock industry is expected to exceed 10billion yuan in 2018, and the production and sales of products will reach 10000 sets

in order to standardize the healthy and orderly development of the smart door lock industry and build a platform for enterprises to communicate, a series of activities related to smart door locks were carried out in cooperation at this China International Hardware Exhibition. On October 10, the smart door lock industry forum and Jingdong smart door lock procurement Festival, the lock safety guardian, was held at China International Hardware Exhibition to provide consumers with high-quality and assured smart door lock products

on October 11, the golden hook award China lock and process equipment design competition, which is well-known in the industry, was held again in China International Hardware Exhibition. The judges were composed of eight experts, including Shi Senlan, director of China Hardware Association. After listening to the characteristics and advantages of more than 20 enterprises and colleges' electronic universal aluminum alloy experimental machines participating in the final review (2): the characteristics of the 48 lock products presented were introduced, they analyzed and evaluated one by one, and selected the best innovative products with an open, fair and just attitude

as a part of the future intelligent security system, the security of intelligent door locks is the most concerned issue of consumers. However, the lack of supervision of the smart door lock industry, the uneven quality of products on the market, coupled with the frequent spread of negative information such as small black boxes that automatically unlock in three seconds and smart door locks that automatically open in the middle of the night, has greatly hindered the development of the smart door lock industry. At this exhibition, the China Hardware Association launched five group standards to standardize hardware products, including integrated stoves with smart door locks, threaded steel pipe joints, shower rooms, drainage components and so on. According to insiders, the main technical indicators of the five group standards released this time have all reached the international advanced level, some of which surpass the EU, and some of which fill the gap of similar standards at home and abroad and improve the international competitiveness of the industry

cross border e-commerce, new channel for hardware export

affected by the sluggish international economic situation this year, the development of the hardware industry has encountered obstacles, and hardware enterprises are seeking breakthroughs in many ways to get out of the current dilemma. On October 10, China Hardware Association and eBay jointly released the white paper on cross border e-commerce export of China hardware products at the 2019 China International Hardware Exhibition, opening up a new channel for cross-border e-commerce for the hardware industry

the white paper makes an in-depth analysis of China's hardware industry from the supply side, channel and demand side, and provides a new idea for the transformation and upgrading of China's hardware industry. According to the white paper statistics, hardware products have extremely rich product lines, a wide range of consumer groups, long product life cycle, small seasonal fluctuations in sales, stable demand and other characteristics, which are highly consistent with cross-border e-commerce. Hardware industry clusters and cross-border hot spots are highly overlapped, and ecological convergence can bring leverage effect. In addition, the major export destination markets of the hardware industry are highly overlapped with the major penetration markets of global e-commerce, and the advantageous export categories of the hardware industry are highly overlapped with online high potential popular categories. The the Belt and Road initiative also provides opportunities for hardware enterprises to open up cross-border e-commerce emerging markets

as a new form of trade, cross-border e-commerce has provided a new export channel for Chinese hardware enterprises, crossed the bottleneck of industrial product sales such as long offline customer development cycle, and quickly moved to the international market. The white paper jointly released with eBay has far-reaching significance for the transformation and upgrading of China's hardware industry and the optimization of exports. Zhang Dongli, executive director of China Hardware Association, said

at this exhibition, eBay launched a lighthouse program to organize sellers to enter lock enterprises. This time, eBay organized more than 40 sellers to visit domestic brand enterprises such as Sanhuan, Mingmen, dinggu, huitailong and so on in the lock exhibition area of the hardware exhibition one by one, listen to the staff introduce their products, and provide sellers with opportunities for centralized face-to-face communication with exhibitors

it is reported that the eBay lighthouse program is an action plan launched in April this year to escort Chinese sellers to the sea. Through a series of exclusive and customized activities, it connects high-quality product resources, and helps Chinese products and Chinese brands expand to more markets through retail export channels

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