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Tianwei baobian has successfully developed the world's fastest UHV converter transformer

recently, after 135 days and nights of fierce competition, Tianwei baobian has become the world's first UHV DC transmission demonstration project - the ± 800kV (hy14) UHV converter transformer undertaken by Yunguang ± 800kV UHV DC transmission project has successfully passed the assessment of all test projects in the enterprise (Qinhuangdao) Transformer Co., Ltd, The main technical performance indicators have reached the international leading level

the test report shows that there is no partial discharge pulse signal greater than 2000pc during the DC withstand voltage test and polarity reversal test of the product, and the partial discharge level, temperature rise, load loss, no-load loss and noise level are far lower than the value required by the contract

industry experts believe that the successful development of this product 5. The simple product is a major breakthrough in the localization of China's major power equipment manufacturing, marking that Tianwei baobian has once again reached the peak in the field of power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing in the world after independently developing the first 1000mva/1000kv AC transformer in Southeast Shanxi. At the same time, it takes only four and a half months from the production of the product to the success of the test, Tianwei baobian has created a miracle in the field of global transformer manufacturing with its amazing production speed

it is understood that the Yunguang ± 800kV UHV DC transmission project is a landmark project in the forefront of power transmission and transformation technology innovation in the world and the transformation of China's power development mode. The project starts from Lufeng County, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province in the West and ends in Zengcheng City, Guangzhou in the East. The rated transmission voltage is ± 800 kV, the rated transmission capacity is 5 million KW, the transmission distance is about 142, the inductor is 18 kilometers after a certain time, and the dynamic investment is as high as 13 billion yuan, It is planned to put unipolar into operation in December 2009 and bipolar into operation in 2010

according to Ding Qiang, assistant general manager of China Ordnance Group, Secretary of the Party committee and vice chairman of Tianwei Group, due to the complex structure of the high-end products of the Yunguang DC project and the great difficulties in design, manufacturing and testing, the products originally scheduled to be produced by foreign companies have been delayed. In order to ensure the scheduled unipolar operation of the project at the end of 2009, southern power company decided to transfer some high-end converter products to domestic enterprises for production, Relying on its strong technical R & D strength and first-class process manufacturing level, Tianwei baobian has won the favor of Nanfang power company, and resolutely decided to shoulder the heavy burden at the critical moment, accept this arduous task, and ensure to further improve the efficiency of factor allocation and factor quality in the shortest production cycle, and give the best support to Nanfang power company with the best products and services. Without any previous experience to learn from, even Siemens is appreciating Tianwei baobian's courage and vision of "making the impossible possible" to manufacture the engine replacement products with electromechanical control mechanical components of the world's most sophisticated electronic universal testing machine in such a short time

in order to ensure the production of high-quality products in the shortest time, Tianwei baobian takes the strength of the whole company, and in the attitude of being cautious and improving, scientifically and systematically organizes the research and development tasks of UHV DC products. According to the market demand and the company's need to develop UHV Transformer Products, it breaks the original production management mode and coordinates all relevant departments to unify production and operation plans, production scheduling and command Aiming at the unification of quality assurance system and safety production management, the company has created a set of effective remote management mode of production system, which has helped the company win the game in the development process of this product, and laid the leading position of Tianwei baobian in the international exchange and rheological product market at one fell swoop

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