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Smart electricity: blockchain helps green energy

the development of smart cities depends on green energy. Although the price of renewable energy continues to decline, the issue of energy availability is still difficult to solve. Blockchain technology derived from bitcoin provides new ideas for green energy, helps the construction of smart electricity, and makes energy production closer to consumers. Can blockchain become the future choice of renewable energy and smart electricity

this issue of directindustry e-magazine introduces you three green energy platform solutions based on District chain technology

in November 2017, a report of Lazard investment bank showed that the price of renewable energy is at an unprecedented low, sometimes even cheaper than hydropower. Over the past four years, the price of large-scale station level photovoltaic power generation has decreased by 36%. The price of US $per MWh is generally lower than that of thermal power (US $60). However, the price factor is only one of the many challenges facing the development of green energy. The availability of wind and solar power generation is not only affected by weather and time, but also often far away from the place of power consumption

At the end of 2016, Siemens, a global engineering giant, reached a cooperation agreement with lo3energy, an American start-up, to jointly develop an energy trading network based on blockchain technology. Since April 2016, lo3 has helped residents of Brooklyn, New York, connect roof photovoltaic panels into micro electricity. Residents can buy and sell electricity in wechat, and share electricity trading data and prevent tampering through blockchain technology. Residents without photovoltaic panels can also buy electricity through micro electricity

Scottkessler, the business development director of courtesyofsiemens

Company, said that the function of blockchain to record transaction data can enable small-scale power producers and consumers to adjust their power sales and purchase behavior at any time according to the fluctuation of power production and consumption needs. Photovoltaic panels or other power production and control equipment can be integrated into micro electricity

"we are developing a corresponding power trading platform for micro electric devices. We believe that blockchain is the most effective communication protocol for this kind of trading platform.

the use of Ke plastics in cars has received unprecedented attention. Ssler explained to directindustry magazine that traditional power management mostly adopts the central control system to collect and analyze all data information, and then from the center to the" edge " "The device sends out control instructions. The decentralized recording method of blockchain allows each member to access freely, and the power management can be operated in real time through the multi device platform. Kessler believes that technological changes are reshaping power, providing new incentives for power production to be closer to power consumption.

"Is the elongation after break and hardness relevant at this time? Are they wired? Small-scale power producers can enjoy wholesale electricity prices and may also receive environmental subsidies. The advantage of this system is to reduce the long-distance power transmission of power transmission systems. Local power production can more easily serve the local electricity market.

02, local energy closed loop

lo3energy is not the only one to adopt blockchain technology Companies that promote the transformation of green power. Greenflex, a unit of French energy giant total, is cooperating with blockchainpartner, a French consulting firm, to study the concept of "local energy closed loop". Lucasleicegui, chief Innovation Officer of greenflex, explained to directindustry,

"Energy management in the future will be more localized. To realize this vision, we need professional tools. At present, only a handful of local power producers must decide in advance whether to produce electricity for their own use or to produce and sell electricity.

he explained that if office buildings and houses are equipped with photovoltaic panels, their electricity consumption periods are different. It is more logical to sell surplus electricity directly in local electricity than to import electricity back into national electricity and sell it It makes sense

"For local power producers and local consumers, this is a win-win situation. Power producers make more profits from local electricity, and consumers get cheaper electricity prices.

elicegui added that blockchain records will show the electricity output for a certain period of time, as well as the agreed price of electricity purchase agreed by local consumers. All these are managed by computer programs. Greenflex and blockchainpartner hope to complete the prototype trading platform by the end of this year Construction of. Both greenflex and lo3energy models aim to change the effect judgment, which is to take three groups of 18 value arithmetic mean green energy economy, and encourage potential investment. At the same time, another company noted that the input and output data of sensors sometimes change with different manufacturers. It hopes to use blockchain technology to facilitate the financing process of renewable energy producers

03. Token system courtesyofwepower

the Lithuanian startup wepower proposed that new energy project developers sell green energy "tokens" to buyers in advance before large-scale construction of power plants. This blockchain based token system, on the one hand, opens up financing channels for project developers, on the other hand, provides preferential prices to energy buyers. Commercial power customers purchase "tokens" from developers in advance before the construction of power generation facilities to ensure future energy use rights and lower electricity prices. Art, CEO of the company ū Rasasakavi IUS told directindustry that due to the cancellation of subsidies for renewable resources, banks often require higher prepayment capital ratios for new energy projects. Wepower system provides a new channel for project developers to access capital, and also helps large commercial power customers fulfill their commitment to buy green energy. Wepower has won the first reservation for a 1000 MW solar project in advance. The company plans to launch a token system platform next year

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