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The way to solve the dilemma of the cost and value of the dairy supply chain

"since August 2004, McDonald's has replaced the paper plastic packaged milk supplied in the whole North American market with a 250ml plastic bottle for personal packaging, which has achieved an unexpected success - the sales volume of single milk products has doubled. This shows that plastic packaging meets the needs of consumers to a certain extent." At the "international dairy development frontier Summit Forum" held recently, Chen Yiyi, sales and marketing director of Botley Packaging Co., Ltd., opened with such an application example and made a wonderful speech on the topic of "packaging breakthrough". What can plastic packaging bring to dairy enterprises? From his speech, we may find the answer

packaging and cost

Chen Yiyi believes that in the dairy industry, "high packaging cost and few optional types" is the consensus of many people. Why are there a variety of packaging materials now? Whether it is for anti-monopoly or to provide enterprises with more choices, this has become a trend. The change brought about by the emergence of plastic packaging is very clear, that is, it can make packaging a completely open and free competition subject, and enable enterprises to have more choices in packaging materials

he said: "Now, enterprises will have a problem. The price of crude oil has risen a lot. Should the cost of plastic packaging rise? Many people have this idea, which is the result of their lack of understanding of blow molding, injection molding and compression molding technology. I give an example: in the past 20 years, the weight of a 2L bottle of Coca Cola has decreased by 35%. There are also many vivid examples in the beverage industry: take Coca Cola and waha Compared with the bottles of haha, some people must think that Wahaha's bottles are not like bottles. They are very soft. Wahaha is very cola. The cost of a bottle is lower than that of Coca Cola. Obviously, it has found its competitive advantage in packaging. Of course, it is undeniable that Wahaha's massive investment in technology has made all this a reality‘ Technology brings progress', which is an unavoidable fact in our dairy industry in the past five years. Take tea drinks for example. If you compare the plastic bottles five years ago with the bottles you drink today, there will be great changes in weight and design. At the same time, it will bring a drop in packaging costs to enterprises. "

Mr. Chen further added: "Less materials are used for packaging, and the packaging weight is reduced, which does not mean cutting corners, but creating more packaging shapes. When the shape changes appropriately, the packaging cost will also be reduced. Speaking of practical significance, for small and medium-sized dairy enterprises, it is impossible to compare with large enterprises in many aspects. If they do not have an advantage over them in terms of raw materials, your brand will not have an advantage over them, and the result is obvious. It must be washed out." Eliminate. "

packaging and modeling

"plastic packaging can create products with more styling." He said, "Let's take a look at the new products on the market in the past two years. Take Mengniu for example, it once launched a product with two high foot bottles, which was a category that sold well in Taiwan Province three or four years ago. I'm not sure they deliberately moved the product line in this direction, but at least it represents an intention of the enterprise. Besides, Sanyuan and Guangming, although they can't see a clear investment in changing the packaging strategy now However, it does not mean that this' offensive 'will not come. I think it will certainly come, and every enterprise will benefit. "

for the advantages of plastic packaging in product modeling, Mr. Chen is familiar: "It can be said that the emergence of plastic packaging has suddenly broken the limitations of traditional packaging in terms of shape. As much imagination as there is, there is a corresponding number of packaging. Nestle once introduced a kind of packaging, the bottle cover is made into the shape of cockscomb, and Yunuo also has similar products. These two products used to sell very well in North America; a typical example in the Asia Pacific region is the plastic bottle of Watsons mineral water, which is green and the cover is triangular, The unit price of the product is about three times higher than that of its peers. In 2004, the Asia Pacific region was the only one in the global beverage packaging field, so we can imagine how high its profit is. The infinite diversity of plastic packaging can meet infinite imagination, be more flexible and mobile, and let consumers have a new experience, which will eventually bring infinite value. "

"as we all know, big brands will continue to expand their leading edge in advantageous packaging. Whether the Chinese market will be the same as the United States, and plastic packaging will become the first packaging material in a few years, no one knows, but plastic packaging will become the main growth point, which is beyond doubt." Mr. Chen is optimistic about the prospect of plastic packaging in China

packaging and supply chain

talking about the change of plastic packaging to the supply chain, Mr. Chen said: "I want to talk about the supply chain from the perspective of packaging, which is certainly the most important topic on the president's agenda. Now, when it comes to increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, many bosses think that reducing expenditure is the simplest, but the key is whether it can create value after reducing expenditure. The simple decline in some logistics costs will inevitably lead to the rise of other costs, but from the perspective of packaging, if the new shape can bring new 2017 national lithium ion to consumers The battery output is more than 11billion, so this kind of cost saving can create new value. At the same time, the design of supply chain mainly comes from products, and the cost of product packaging determines the quality of supply chain. In addition, plastic packaging can meet the requirements of the logistics supply chain because it can be differentiated in shape and shape, and it is more earthquake resistant and compression resistant in long-distance transportation. "

"From 1997 to 1998, Guangming took the lead in using milk paper packaging. Then, Yili used Tetra Pak and Tetra Pak pillow, and now the competition in the market has become very fierce. Let's see, what are the so-called best-selling products in the market now? Since the first quarter of 2005, the first brand of single product yogurt is not Danone nor Guangming, but Weiquan. The plastic bottle packaging products launched by Weiquan have been eliminated The recognition of consumers. At the same time, there are some small enterprises around us who are quietly listening to the tension free machine, and are also constantly exploring plastic packaging. For example, the foreigners in Hebei also have their own way of survival. Of course, this is not to say that paper plastic packaging has no future. It is just seeking another height to reflect its connotation from printing. However, in terms of shape, this era must belong to plastic packaging. "

finally, Chen Yiyi said: "Five years ago, the Korean market was basically dominated by paper packaging. In the past five years, the share of plastic packaging has increased from 0 to about 18%. In Hong Kong and Taiwan Province, China, there are two brands that are very active, one is Nestle and the other is uni president. Nestle has been in Hong Kong for 50 years, and it has never done plastic packaging before. It began to do it in these two years, and now its market ranking is very high. Uni president AB yogurt sells well in Taiwan Province , which is the vial packaging of atpp. "

"it can be said that plastic packaging has not only developed the packaging industry, but also promoted the development of dairy and beverage industries."

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