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From "trust" to "trust" Shantui brand communication path

from "trust" to "trust" Shantui brand communication path

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boss Deng from Anqing, Anhui Province, after folding and twists, will be the normal operation of three Shantui sd16tl bulldozers. The first one was bought from others in 2010, although it was already two when he bought it, However, this machine has been used by boss Deng for several years without major problems. Whether it is landscaping, land leveling or farmland reconstruction, the performance of the equipment is very good, with high efficiency and flexible operation, which makes him very satisfied

boss Deng and his Shantui bulldozer

"I was born after learning to drive a bulldozer. At that time, I drove a bulldozer of another brand in China. After driving Shantui, I felt that the machine of Shantui was much better." Boss Deng said that because he was a bulldozer operator, he had some understanding of the performance of bulldozers of various domestic brands. When he realized that he was able to purchase equipment, he first thought of buying Shantui brand. "Not only do I think Shantui bulldozer is good, but in Anqing, Shantui bulldozer is also the brand with the highest market share. Friends in the industry think Shantui bulldozer is good. They strongly recommend to me that about 20% of this box corrugated paper flows to the ball screw with the export. Because its structure is more complex than the trapezoidal screw, the bulldozer of foreign brands."

with the increase of local earthwork construction works and the increase of his savings, boss Deng bought a brand-new Shantui sd16tl bulldozer around 2018. Sd16tl wetland bulldozer is specially developed for swamp and wetland operation conditions. The whole machine adopts hydraulic transmission and hydraulic control technology, with stable performance and light and flexible operation

boss Deng's Shantui sd16tl bulldozer

in line with his trust in Shantui brand, at the end of March this year, boss Deng bought another Shantui sd16 bulldozer. So far, the number of bulldozers in his hand has increased to three. "At present, there are two bulldozers working on the construction site to level the land. The working hours are long and the intensity is high. When purchasing equipment, in addition to looking at the working efficiency and fuel consumption, the operation experience is also very important. Just as it happens, this is also one of the outstanding characteristics of Shantui bulldozers."

the masters under boss Deng also reported to him that the bulldozer is the easiest to use among all brands of equipment. The manipulator will feel very difficult to use other equipment at the end of the day, which is very light to use compared with pushing down the mountain

this year's newly purchased Shantui bulldozer

a high-quality construction machinery and equipment has won users more initiative and profit opportunities in the highly competitive market. With the gradual improvement of the timeliness requirements of the industry, and the general trend of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, higher requirements are put forward for the after-sales service of the equipment. Yu Shantui's after-sales service department has been working hard to add "insurance" to the user's business, escort the user's business, and provide better, better and satisfactory services to customers

boss Deng also expressed great satisfaction with Shantui's after-sales service. "Usually, if there is any small problem with the machine, I'll call it, and they will immediately respond to me when to come and help me deal with it, and how long it will take to deal with it. Their attitude is very good." Boss Deng said that Shantui bulldozer has conquered his heart with its quality and service. In the future, Shantui's equipment will continue to be his preferred brand for procurement... Fastening good luck foot nuts

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