The classic application of Zenon in beer and bever

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The classic application of Zenon in beer and beverage filling


the beer and food and beverage industry has become one of the most growing industries in China in recent years. Aseptic filling technology, PET bottle packaging of beer and milk and other technologies are being valued and adopted by more and more manufacturers

the distillery uses the latest production technology and cutting-edge network solutions to maintain the leading position in quality, cost, efficiency and productivity of the enterprise.

Zenon HMI is used in the automatic control system of a beverage industry from the left: Andy Johnston, vice president of Ashland group, Chen Shaohui, general manager of Asia Pacific region of Ashland high performance materials, Dr. Fred good, vice president of global technology of Ashland high performance materials/scada software, The hardware components of the project include control modules of different brands, and also need to be responsible for the programming and installation of the system

in the first stage, the project team realized the modernization of the management of the fermentation cellar

in the second stage, the new system replaced the original hardware and controller

overall control:

the Zenon visual control system software of Copa data company was applied to the technical transformation and maintenance of the brewery, including Zenon's webserver mhdt skedt sequencer, malt planer and the controller series installed and programmed by NERB GmbH

sequencer defines the execution and running sequence of process steps. Users can appreciate many details involved in the brewing process, such as how much water should be heated and when to heat it

zenon server is used to monitor the operation of the brewing room, including brewing water treatment, wheat tooth reception, weighing and crushing

wort processing is transformed through process control and visualization technology. When brewing, only one formula needs to be input, and the controller controls each step according to the definition of the formula

zenon monitors the vision of the whole production process, and its powerful alarm management system can send alarm signals in real time during the detection process

the client computer as the operation station ldquo; At present, the customers are mainly colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, which operate in the distillery. It integrates the visualization system of fermentation cellar in the cellar management system, which is completed by three clients. The whole system also includes the control of box cleaning, fermentation, temperature control, fermentation powder treatment and storage. One host computer acts as a network server, and the other three clients communicate with the host computer in the form of network clients

mh differs from the old hydraulic universal experimental machine in that it adopts the technology of combining hydraulic loading with microcomputer system - datentechnik's SK edit is used for type selection and sequencer programming


zenon hmi/scada system provides a complete set of successful solutions to the phenomenon of unqualified experimental results for beverage filling, which enhances the flexible management, greatly improves the work efficiency, and greatly reduces the operation cost

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