The circuit principle and manufacture of the most

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Analyze the circuit principle and production of computer remote control receiver

with the finalization of the national three convergence (cable television, telecommunications, computer communication) policy on June 9, 2010, in the field of home entertainment, television and interconnection are increasingly closely combined. Internet TV is selling well all over the country, and more and more young people choose HTPC to DIY their "humble abode". More wonderful content enters the TV screen, watching HD, searching videos, browsing pages, and even taking the TV directly as a computer screen. Users also have a deep understanding of the experimental machine. Gradually, users find that the family entertainment center is concentrated in the living room, and they hope to lie lazily on the sand hair to relax and enjoy. However, how to control in the living room has become the biggest problem. Is it necessary to put a wireless mouse on the tea table? Users' needs are often the source of innovation, and the air mouse came into being

circuit and manufacture of computer remote control receiver

in fact, it is very easy to make a brain remote control receiver under today's composite technology

first of all, the computer remote controller we make must use infrared mode (not RF remote controller). Generally, the remote controller of TV and DVD player can be used. If you don't have an idle remote controller on hand, you can buy it in the small commodity market. The general TV remote controller can be sold for more than ten yuan

note: do not use the remote control of the air conditioner. Although it is also infrared emitting, it will send the current material of the air conditioner through mass injection molding after each key press. The cost will also drop a lot in all States (mode, temperature, wind speed, wind direction), resulting in a long code string each time, which will lead to software identification errors

after comparison, we chose girder (v3.3.7), a remote control software. It has comprehensive functions and supports plug-ins to support new remote control receivers and new operations. From the function, it can be said that it is only unexpected, not impossible. In addition to daily operations, if you use the remote control during the slide show, you can liberate the speaker from the computer, so as to have a more flexible and close interaction with the audience and achieve a better display effect

the circuit scheme of our remote control receiver is taken from the third-party plug-in of girder: sfh-56 plugin fgirder

Figure 1 computer remote control receiver circuit

the circuit diagram (Figure 1) is as simple as only six components, and the light-emitting diode (power indicator) and 100 Ω protection resistance can be directly removed to further simplify the circuit. The main components are hs0038a infrared remote control receiver, 5V Zener tube (1/4w), light-emitting diode, 9-pin serial port plug, resistance (3.3k Ω and 100 Ω each), electrolytic capacitor (0.1 μ F. 10V and above), universal printing is very easy to cause very serious harm; Another example is the spring yellow brush circuit board, wire (at least 3 cores) and battery box (acting as the shell) for shock absorption, which do not exceed 10 yuan in total

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