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The first quarter civil product revenue of the first machinery group increased by 78% year-on-year

the first quarter civil product revenue of the first machinery group increased by 78% year-on-year

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since this year, China North Industries group Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd. has planned and promoted various work with new ideas, new ways and new measures under the new normal, and business entities at all levels have placed themselves in the general trend, integrated into the industry, turned around the market, and rolled up their sleeves, Focusing on the market and quality benefits, we will not relax our efforts to compete in the market and grab orders. We will not slack off in adjusting the structure and improving benefits, and strive to "double improve" the market and benefits. The revenue of civil products in the first quarter was 1.24 billion yuan, an increase of 78% year-on-year

in the case of full tasks, military units still pay close attention to the market order status, vigorously expand foreign trade, spare parts, military civilian integration and other markets, and explore new fields

Dacheng equipment company, while ensuring the continuous and stable advancement of military production tasks, continues to strengthen the development of the external market of civilian products. Relying on its own technical advantages and good reputation, it has successively contracted back new scientific research civilian products such as new frequency conversion head cars and walking self-propelled trains, and signed a contract of 5million yuan for continuous mining machines and anchor diggers, becoming the largest supplier of coal machinery structural parts of Shanxi Tiandi Coal Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd

the military vehicle torsion bar products developed by the fourth branch company with the help of military torsion shaft production technology have become the exclusive supplier of the following for FAW military vehicles: torsion bar. In the first quarter, the fourth branch signed more than 2400 torsion bar contracts with FAW Group

facing the more complex and volatile economic situation at home and abroad, under the guidance of the company's top-level design, the export proportion of the transformation concept to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. We will make scientific decisions, move forward steadily, and use wisdom and courage to open up the joints, clear the blocking points, remove the fog, and activate the whole, so that the company's civil products industry can achieve a slow and stable development trend

facing the impact of macroeconomic restructuring and the continued downturn in the market demand for railway freight cars in recent years, northern start-up companies have actively changed their development ideas, increased scientific and technological investment, and expanded the qualifications of mainstream freight cars. In early March, they successfully signed contracts with China Railway Corporation for 500 nx70a common flat cars and 1000 X70 special flat cars for containers

special purpose vehicle companies comprehensively improve the speed of product transformation and upgrading, timely understand market trends, grasp customer needs, and speed up market response. After signing a contract with Baotou Environmental Health Bureau for 28 sets of compression arm hook trucks with an amount of 16.75 million yuan, they recently signed a contract with Beijing Foton Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd. for 100 sets of urban muck trucks with a total contract amount of 7 million yuan. In the first quarter of this year, special vehicle companies signed contracts totaling 43.89 million yuan

Taking the development of new products as the traction and reliable product quality and after-sales service as the guarantee, the company signed civil product orders of 25million yuan with Beijing North Vehicle Group, beiben Heavy Truck Group and other units at the beginning of the year, winning a good start for market development this year

on the basis of doing a good job in energy management, the power energy company has continuously increased its efforts to explore the external market. Relying on the unique advantages of power specialized construction technology, it has signed a contract with Qingshan Automobile Co., Ltd. for management, external power line engineering and plant energy supply projects, with a contract amount of 3.3 million yuan

in the 2017 centralized procurement bidding for drill collars, drill pipes and screw drill products organized by China National Petroleum Corporation, all series of products such as drill collars, drill pipes and screw drill tools were shortlisted in the procurement bidding list, among which the inner coating and wear-resistant belt products of drill tools were shortlisted for the first time, realizing the shortlisting of the whole industrial chain of drill tools products of northern wind mine company in PetroChina

in view of the complex market situation, all units take the development of foreign trade market as the main direction of attack, take "market competition and order grabbing" as the main line of operation, constantly consolidate the basis of operation and development, continuously visit key customers, partners and target markets, find advantageous partners and product resources through multiple channels, create a new situation of "strong combination, complementary advantages and win-win cooperation", and accelerate the pace of "going out"

the foundry company continues to promote the adjustment of products and market structure, fully promotes the landing of the American bolster side frame project, follows up the Mozambique coupler yoke project, and will cooperate with the American company to develop a new type of buffer box, striving to complete the trial production and achieve mass supply within the year; Cooperate with Chongqing Hengtai company to develop new coupler and buffer system for Russian complete vehicle project. In the first quarter, foundry companies signed contracts for civilian products of 112 million yuan, an increase of 328.69% year-on-year, of which the contract amount of foreign trade products was 2005 million yuan, an increase of 38% year-on-year

foreign trade of civil products has always been the highlight of the external market operation of special technology and equipment companies. With excellent product quality, timely supply and good after-sales service guarantee, the company successfully signed a production order of vehicle parts of 8.36 million yuan with a German company, realizing a new breakthrough in the civil products work of special technology and equipment companies in 2017

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