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UV ink classification and its domestic and international market conditions and development trends

UV ink can be divided into two categories from the use, namely: UV printing ink and UV printed circuit board ink. At present, UV printing inks used in the printing industry are widely used in various printing fields, such as offset printing, embossing (including flexographic printing), gravure printing, printing and ink-jet printing, while UV printed circuit board inks are mainly used in the printing of circuit boards (PCB) in the electronic industry

1. Offset UV ink

offset printing adopts UV ink, which can avoid powder spraying, is conducive to the cleaning of the printing environment, and avoids the trouble caused by powder spraying to the post press processing, such as the impact on the glazing and film covering effect, and can be processed by connecting lines

uv ink can also prevent ink scaling, solve the worries of the offset press when it is stopped, and improve the drying speed at the same time. Especially in packaging printing, it is often necessary to print a large area of the field, requiring a high density, so we have to increase the amount of ink. At this time, the drying of ink becomes very important, which often affects the printing production efficiency because the ink is not easy to dry. With UV ink, this problem is solved

uv ink has bright colors and excellent wear resistance, which is very suitable for packaging and book cover printing

uv ink has no penetration when curing, and can be printed on non absorbent substrate materials, such as card printing, which is a field that ordinary offset printing ink cannot enter

in addition, offset UV ink is also widely used in bill printing such as direct mail and commercial forms. In foreign countries, the largest market for UV ink is offset UV ink

2. Relief printing UV ink will therefore exist in all storage tanks and pipes

relief printing UV ink is mainly used for label printing, but also for packaging printing, such as hose printing

in flexographic printing, especially in narrow width flexographic printing, people pay more attention to less downtime, stronger friction resistance, better print quality, etc. The products printed with UV ink have high dot definition, dot size increase and bright ink color, which is a grade higher than that printed with water-based ink. UV ink has broad development prospects

at present, most flexographic printing machines are equipped with UV curing devices, and there are many kinds

3. Intaglio printing UV ink

in the field of intaglio printing, UV ink has been selectively used, but the technology and cost have been correspondingly improved. With the increasing demand for environmental protection and the increasingly strict requirements for the safety of packaging and printing materials, especially food packaging, UV ink will become a development trend of gravure printing ink

4. Printing UV ink

UV ink has obvious advantages in silk printing. Because it can only be cured under UV light, it will not cause headache blocking on the plate, and the curing speed is fast, which solves the problem of blocking and ink drying speed that has plagued the silk printing industry for a long time

the ink layer of silk screen brush is thick, and it is difficult to dry. Without a drying device, it is difficult to accumulate and collect printed matter. We are happy to cooperate with Masdar Academy of science and technology in these important fields, and high-speed printing is also very difficult. With UV ink, all this can be easily solved. For example, in the CD printing, UV ink is used to improve the production efficiency

using some decorative UV ink printing in silk printing can produce some special effects and realize the decoration of the surface of printed matter. These special effects are difficult or impossible to achieve by other printing methods. Only printing +uv ink can be achieved

at present, the commonly used UV inks include the following types: UV imitation metal etching ink, UV wrinkle ink, UV coral ink, UV ice flower ink, UV refraction ink, UV crystal grain ink, etc

in addition, at present, the combination printing machine composed of silk printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, offset printing unit, etc. is a trend of the development of printing servo oil source: high-pressure plunger pump, and the silk printing unit must use UV ink

inkjet ink

in addition to the UV ink mentioned above, a new type of ink UV inkjet ink is also very noteworthy. A new type of flat-panel inkjet printer using piezoelectric nozzle technology is vigorously promoting the application of UV curing technology in inkjet inks. In addition, piezoelectric sprinkler technology is now also used in hybrid printing machines and single machines. These new fields using inkjet inks provide a development opportunity for UV inks, which is expected to reach the existing scale level of silk printing

The advantage of UV ink-jet ink is that it not only has the advantages of traditional UV technology in economy, environmental protection pressure and technology of many small and medium-sized production enterprises, but also has its outstanding advantages in use and operation, mainly in the following points

(1) no volatile organic compounds

(2) low energy demand

(3) rapid curing

(4) suitable for all kinds of soft and hard substrates

(5) it will not cure before UV lamp irradiation

(6) do not block the nozzle, and there is no need to clean the nozzle

(7) ink composition is stable

(8) good print quality and resistance, such as friction resistance, water resistance and light resistance

(9) no ink waste

therefore, UV inkjet inks are developing very fast and have a great trend to replace traditional inkjet inks

printed circuit board ink

in the production process of circuit board, there is a part called printed circuit board. UV inks for printed circuit boards mainly include: UV inks for corrosion resistance (including electroplating resistance), UV inks for solder resistance, and UV inks for character marks. They are all printed by wire printing

the development of UV inks abroad

the development of UV inks abroad is very fast. In the United States, the largest market for UV inks is offset printing, accounting for about 40% of the share. The second is silk printing (accounting for 30%), which grew strongly in the 1990s and became one of the preferred technologies for optical disk manufacturing. Figure 1 shows the growth trend of UV inks in North America in recent years. Of course, the United States is dominant in this market. Table 1 shows the market size of UV ink in North America in 2000. UV ink products in Europe totaled 20500 tons in 2000. Compared with Europe and America, the UV ink market in Asia started late, but the growth rate is not low. Among Asian countries, Japan has the largest market share. Table 2 shows the market size of UV ink in Japan in 2000 and 2001

development of domestic UV ink

although the domestic UV ink market started late, in recent years, with the sustained and rapid growth of the domestic economy, it has shown a thriving situation. According to the incomplete statistics of the radiation curing Professional Committee of the Chinese Photographic Society, the output of UV ink in 2003 reached 6514 tons, an increase of 64.2% over 2002 (as shown in Table 3), and the output value was 44.131 million yuan, an increase of 55.7% over 2002. Among them, the output of high-end inks such as offset UV ink, photo imaging anti-corrosion ink, photo imaging solder resist ink and optical disk ink has increased significantly. Because the starting point of domestic UV ink is low, and UV ink is favored by the industry, domestic UV ink will have a good market prospect and will achieve rapid development in the next few years

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